Zehut at Nesiyah

zehut at nesiyah
At Nesiyah at Shaare Torah, our students will actively engage with every traditional Jewish ritual tool and object contained within their “knapsack” (tik gav) to carry through their life as Jewish adults. Each grade milestone is connected to the ritual items and tools that our students will engage with. This immersive approach aims to foster a deeper understanding of Jewish traditions, empowering children to create and cherish these sacred objects with profound meaning and pride. Come make memories with us at Nesiyah at Shaare Torah!
Grade Milestones Jewish Knapsack Contents (Ritual Tools & Objects)
K Lead Shema on Friday night Tzedekah Box, Kippah, Mezuzah, Bedtime Shema
1 Friday Night Shabbat Dinner, where they lead rituals, present Shabbat kit Shabbat candlesticks, Challah Cover, Hanukkiyah, Brachot Card
2 Havdalah Event, where they lead rituals Havdalah candle, Besamim, Kos Havdalah (cup), custom ST Havdalah card
3 Chagigat HaSiddur, Siddur Ceremony, Cover Design Siddur, Grogger, Shofar, Etrog Box, Lulav
4 Receive B’nai Mitzvah Date, Complete Counting the Omer Seder Plate, Haggadah, Omer Counter
5 Family Retreat, Lead Ashrei on Shabbat Morning Chumash, Israeli flag, Bentcsher
6 Torah Trope/ Reading a verse of Torah on Shabbat Morning Yad, Pirkei Avot
7 Mitzvah Magic (Trying out lots of Mitzvot/ Service Learning) Tallit, Tefillin, Yellow Yahrtzeit Candle, B’nai Mitzvah Kiddush Cup