Our community’s relationship with Israel is growing and deepening.  Learning about Israel is an important part of our curriculum in our Early Childhood Center, Religious School and Adult programming.  The congregation has sponsored three missions to Israel, the last one in 2019!

In our biggest effort to “bring Israel to Maryland,” we are thrilled that In 2022-2023, we are continuing to host a Shliach (emissary) from Israel. Abraham Belilty joined us right before the high holidays for 5783. Please reach out to him at for any questions or thoughts you might have.

Abraham would love to have a meal with you! here you can sign up to dinner or lunch together, please email or text Abraham to set all the details.

Each year, The Jewish Federation’s Community Shlichim Program brings shlichim (emissaries) to Greater Washington. The program connects Israelis with our community and transforms how thousands of community members deepen their connection and relationship to Israel.

Suggestions, requests, ideas – contact Abraham Belilty – I’m here for you.
Hope to see you soon!