The Talmud says, “The world rests on three things:  the study of Torah, worship, and acts of kindness.”  Torah study and, more broadly, Jewish education, is a key commitment at Shaare Torah. Our motto is, “Learn it to Live It” — we believe that Judaism isn’t just a theory, but a set of lived experiences.  The goal of education is to provide both the “how” and they “why” — to help our community learn to live Judaism, and also to find meaning, connection and joy with each experience.

We pay attention not only to the “classroom experience” in our religious school, but also to various events such as Shabbat get-togethers, holiday programs, prayer in the outdoors, guest speakers and artists (storytellers, musicians, magicians, dramatists, visual artists, and more).

We provide educational experiences starting with our youngest children and their families, grade school students (religious school, day school, and independent study tracks), teens, and adults.

We are also committed to being as inclusive as possible to those with special learning needs. Parents serve as our partners as we determine needs and develop plans to include every student. We have a special religious school track called Matan, open to the entire community, along with special planning in our nursery school and religious schools for those students who, with extra support, can thrive in those environments.

For more information about our educational programs, contact Leah Miller, Nesiyah Dirextor Allison Colker, STECC and STK Director.