Men’s Club

Mission Statement

The Men’s Club of Shaare Torah is dedicated to involving men of all ages in Jewish life through social, religious, and service activities.  The Shaare Torah Men’s Club is affiliated with the Federation of Jewish Men’s Club (FJMC), a group of over 270 clubs with over 25,000 members in Conservative synagogues in countries all around the world, including Canada, Argentina, Peru, India, Israel, Uganda and more.

The Shaare Torah Men’s Club, in coordination with the FJMC, provides quality and relevant programming to help develop and enhance our knowledge and understanding of Judaism, and to provide needed services and support to the synagogue.

We offer a full calendar of social events, ranging from our annual Steak & Bourbon event, poker nights, softball, basketball, whisky tasting, and NCAA tournament watching party. We engage in community service programs like taking down sukkahs for the Jewish Foundation for Group Homes and leading a thought-provoking and impactful Yom Hashoah program.  In addition, the Men’s Club also hosts social action events, such as providing dinner to a local women’s shelter. One of our most valuable programs is hosting a nosh filled bi-weekly minyan service to ensure that anyone who would like to recite kaddish has the ability to do so in a ruach filled environment.

Current and future leaders of the synagogue are trained and groomed through Men’s Club participation. The members of the Men’s Club lead Shabbat services, act as gabbais, Torah and Haftorah readers,  greeters and ushers. At our annual World Wide Wrap event, we even serve as instructors for how to properly lay Tefillin.

We welcome all male community members to join us and help us fulfill our goal of service to the synagogue. Please visit us and like our Facebook page to learn more about our programs as well as our members.