3 Rabbis SingingDynamic, meaningful, creative, and inspiring celebrations and ritual experiences are a key component of our synagogue life. We seek to infuse joy in our Shabbat and Holiday celebrations. While we maintain close ties to the tradition, we are always looking for new ways to experience Jewish life. Our community is highly experiential and participatory. We enjoy coming together to celebrate the rituals that are the foundation of our faith.

Shabbat is central to the rhythm of our communal life, with a variety of programs on both Friday evenings and Shabbat daytime, combining opportunities for prayer, ritual, and social connection. Many of our Shabbat observances such as “Eat, Pray, Sing” are based in our members’ homes. We aim for activities that provide connection both to the restorative power of Shabbat and to each other.

Our annual High Holiday services and programs also seek to engage a wide variety of participants, using both the synagogue building and the facilities at neighboring Lakelands Park Middle School.  One of the most amazing aspects of our High Holiday festivities are the enormous amount of voices involved, from teens reading Torah to lay leaders leading parts of the service and giving Divrei Torah.  We recently piloted “Apples & HoneyFest” to ring in the new year with a joyous concert and gathering open to the wider community. We encourage each person to find a way that they can contribute and bring personal meaning to these holiest of days.

Beyond High Holidays and Shabbat, we have amazing and spirited Simchat Torah, Hanukkah and Purim celebrations and many, many more opportunities to gather together to move through the rhythms of Jewish time.  

We aim to remove as many barriers to community as possible, including offering different times to help with bedtime, or providing dinner so there is no rush after work/school. We have great success with making Judaism FUN, ENGAGING, and MEANINGFUL for our entire community!

We are always aware that our congregation includes people of many backgrounds and comfort levels with Jewish ritual, and try to provide explanations, translations, and transliterations (of Hebrew into English characters) whenever possible.

Life Cycle

In addition, we provide support to individuals and families throughout the life cycle. We affirm and celebrate individuals and families of all sexual orientations and gender identities as we share the joy of bringing a new child into the Jewish people and our covenant with God, coming of age at Bar/Bat/Gil mitzvah, and creating new spiritual partnerships through marriage. 

We provide support and comfort to those who are grieving the death of a loved one, approaching the end of life, coping with illness or caregiving, going through a divorce, or experiencing many different kinds of life transitions. 

We also offer guidance to those on the path of conversion to Judaism. 

At any time, if you have questions about any of the aspects of the synagogue’s religious life, please reach out directly to our Rabbis, Yosef Goldman and Annie Lewis.