Lay Leadership

Board of Trustees Mission Statement

The Board of Trustees of Shaare Torah (“the board”) ensures implementation of the synagogue’s 2020 vision. The Board engages its member families, while nurturing the physical, financial and spiritual aspects of our congregation. The Board builds a strong Jewish community through shared responsibility and sustainable relevance. The Board measures success by achieving: membership growth, increased involvement, and financial security.


Executive Committee

Brian Abraham

First Vice President
Judy Potasznik

Ken Studley

Howard Lazoff

Vice President for Religious Life
Rena Strauss

Vice President for Education
Philip Raskin

Vice President for Membership
Liron Silbert

Social Action Chair
Shira Hill


Avi Friedman
Sarah Fronstin
Greg Gore
Brianna Solomin
Carol Solomon
Paul Springer
Jennifer Schnur
Todd Haim
Jessica Olevsky
Alan Van Grack
Aaron Kotok
Beri Kravitz
Emily Radel