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Environmental Action Committee – Green Team

The Green Team is Shaare Torah’s environmental action committee. Its purpose is to help Shaare Torah use sustainable practices in all aspects of synagogue life. In addition, this committee seeks to help Shaare Torah members, as well as members of the larger community, improve their care for the environment in their homes and workplaces.

The mission of the Green Team is to enable our members to implement Jewish values of stewardship for the earth in our homes, local community and synagogue.

The Green Team projects embody the principles of Tikkun Olam, highlighting education, action, and appreciation.

  • Converting all electricity used at the synagogue to 100% wind power
  • Participation in Good Deeds Day, including stream clean-ups
  • Recycling programs
  • Conservation landscaping at Shaare Torah
  • Educational speakers
  • Reducing synagogue use of plastics
  • Hosting Tu B’shvat programs

For more information, or to join this committee, please contact the Green Team at greenteam@shaaretorah.org

Environmental Advocacy Corner

By advocating for sustainable practices and environmental human rights, we can have an impact beyond our Shaare Torah community. The initiatives listed below offer individuals opportunities to have their voices heard on local, state, and national policies affecting our environment. These initiatives are presented by the Green Team, but it is up to each individual to read the background material and make their own decision on whether to support/act. Contact greenteam@shaaretorah.org if you have questions.

1) A call to our Jewish leaders to make climate change a central moral issue of the Jewish community. “Climate Action is a Moral Imperative of the Jewish Community” – community letter resulting from programs at the Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest this Tu B’shvat.
Action item: add your name to the letter linked above.

2) Climate Crisis and Education Act (CCEA)

The Climate Crisis & Education Act sets new statewide, greenhouse gas emission reduction goals: 60% by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2045. It will also generate billions of dollars for investment in clean energy infrastructure and education while providing protective benefits to Maryland’s small businesses and its most economically vulnerable populations. “CCEA will, for the first time, begin to hold the fossil fuel industry accountable, by charging a fee on fossil fuels at the first point of entry. The bill will make Maryland a leader in finding viable solutions to combat climate change, and will ensure that our children have a future to look forward to,” said House Bill Sponsor Delegate David Fraser-Hidalgo.
Read more about the bill in this article and in the bill, HB33.

Action item: sign your name to support this bill.

3) A call to our Jewish leaders to make climate change a central moral issue of the Jewish community. “Climate Action is a Moral Imperative of the Jewish Community”