Hear from our children and parents:

“There is a reason why my three kids have been progressively enrolled at Shaare Torah since 2017. Above anything, I love the values they teach our children, the school is truly a community. The teachers are dedicated to their students and we have a very passionate director who runs the school. Thank you STECC for everything you do for our kids!”
– Flor Brito, STECC Parent

“Amazing staff with so much heart and a caring mindset.”
– Nancy Gelber, STECC Grandparent

“We play with Magna-Tiles and blocks and the kitchen.  We do writing.  We go to the lake and we take walks around it.  We also play at the playground.”
– Scarlet, 4

“School is really good because of free play.  We do free play first.  Snack time gives me a good tummy.  I love morning meeting because I like when we read books.”
– Sydney, 4

“We have a lot of fun stuff to do.  We have puzzles and dinosaurs.  We have cool stuff to learn about.”
– Jacob, 4

“What I love about the school is that on the first day I met my new friends because they’re really nice.”
– Zoe, 4

“I have great friends at school.  I learn a lot of things and I also learn new things.”
– Tristan, 5

“This school is awesome.  I like to go play outside.  I like to spin around in school.”
– Zachary, 5

“Everybody’s kind.”
– Jonah, 5

“I do Legos.  I love to be with my friends.  When my friend fell, I helped him.”
– Brielle, 5

“We do fun stuff.  We paint with watercolors.”
– Asher, 5

“When I go to school, I play and run around.”
– Mila, 3

“I love to do puzzles and draw cards.  I like to play with toys and Legos.”
– Liv, 5

“We play Legos.  We get to do puzzles.”
– Ori, 5

“I work.  What my teachers tell me, I do.”
– Daniel, 5