Do you provide lunch?

No. You provide lunch. Lunches must be nut-free and dairy or pareve (no meat or shellfish). We refrigerate lunches. We do not heat lunches. You can send warm food in an insulated thermos that we will keep out of the refrigerator.

What do you serve for snack?

We provide morning and afternoon snacks. Each snack contains two food groups, including one fresh or dried fruit or vegetable. All of our snacks are nut-free, dairy or pareve (no meat or shellfish), and heckshered kosher (have a kosher symbol on the packaging).

How does nap work for Toddlers and 2s?

Nap is approximately 1-3pm. The children nap on cots. We provide sheets and you provide blankets or naprolls. We send all bedding home on Friday for you to wash and return on Monday.

How does rest work for 3s and Pre-K?

The entire rest time is approximately 1-2pm. That includes both a short period of rest and a period of quiet activities, such as reading, drawing, and puzzles. If a child does fall asleep, we let them sleep a length of time that we have agreed on with their parents. The children rest on mats. We sanitize the mats daily.

Does my child have to be potty trained before the 3s?

No.  Your child will potty train at the time when they are ready as an individual. Our teachers will partner with you to determine when your child is ready. We will partner to implement a system at home and in school. We highly recommend the book Oh Crap! Potty Training by Jamie Glowacki. We also recommend the Potty Time Potty WatchAllison would be happy to discuss potty training with you in detail.