Joining Our Community

Thank you for your interest in our synagogue. To formally join Shaare Torah, you can download the community application here. You may also choose to contact Devin Egber, Office Administrator at 301-869-9842 x114 or Liron Silbert, our Membership Chair.

You’ll notice that we did not say “membership application.” For many people, the term “membership” connotes a transaction, very much like you would purchase at a gym or country club, where you pay for something monthly and you simply expect a service or product in return. But at Shaare Torah, our vision and approach is focused on relationships, designed so that everyone feels committed to a thriving Jewish community in upper Montgomery County, which values Kehillah (Community), Masoret (Tradition), and Hesed (Kindness).  If you believe in Jewish community, the power of Jewish ritual, family, learning, or social action, then Shaare Torah is definitely the place for you.

We form those relationships as we participate in the life of the community.  At Shaare Torah, there really is something for everyone, including, but not limited to:

Each year in the summer we establish a dues structure which individuals and families donate in order to make the presence of Shaare Torah possible in our community.  However, we want anyone who wishes to be a part of our congregation to be able to do so, and we invite you to contact our Executive Director at any time to discuss any specific financial arrangements.