High Holidays 5784

מַרְבֶּה תוֹרָה, מַרְבֶּה חַיִּים.

“The more Torah, the more life.”

-Pirkei Avot 2:7

Our theme this year for the High Holidays is “More Life! L’Chayim!” In this season, we pray for another year of life. We yearn for a new year of blessing, health, joy, justice, and peace. We commit ourselves to living with intention, fully awake to the wonders of the world, and aware of the gift inherent in each day. 

We hope that you will bring your hearts, voices and imaginations, your families, friends, and neighbors to our holiday celebrations as we move into 5784 together.

We are delighted to work with our talented and dedicated team of professional and volunteer Shaare Torah leaders to create meaningful experiences for folks in all stages of life! 


May we know the life-giving power of Jewish community and practice. To a year of more life!


Rabbi Annie & Rabbi Yosef

Join us for our 2nd Annual Apples & Honey Fest – a live concert led by Rabbi Annie Lewis & Rabbi Yosef Goldman along with a talented band of local musicians. 

Bring a family meal, lounge on the lawn and enjoy music and drinks for the season.  Outdoor Maariv service to follow.

Clear Skies Meadery will have bottles and cans of mead available for purchase during the concert.

Saturday, September 9 – 8:30 PM at the Bender JCC
More Information and Registration will be available soon.