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Religious Life

Dynamic, meaningful, creative, and inspiring celebrations and ritual experiences are a key component to our synagogue life.  We seek to infuse joy in our Shabbat and Holiday celebrations. We are always aware that our congregation includes people of many backgrounds and comfort levels with Jewish ritual, and try to provide explanations, translations, and transliterations (of Hebrew into English characters) whenever possible.

Shabbat is central to the rhythm of our communal life, with a variety of programs on both Friday evenings and Shabbat daytime, combining opportunities for study, prayer, and social connection. Our annual High Holiday services and programs also seek to engage a wide variety of participants, using both the synagogue building and the facilities at neighboring Lakelands Park Middle School.

In addition, we provide support to individuals and families throughout the life cycle, including sharing the joy of bringing a new child into the Jewish people and our covenant with God, coming of age at bar/bat mitzvah, creating new spiritual partnerships through marriage, and providing support and comfort to those who are grieving the death of a loved one.

At any time, if you have questions about any of the aspects of the synagogue's religious life, please reach out directly to Rabbi Mark Raphael.


Sat, August 15 2020 25 Av 5780