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Religious school

Shaare Torah Religious School 
Because Sunday School Doesn't Have to be Boring!

• Modern, Innovative, and Inclusive Programming: Shaare Torah is a conservative synagogue with a modern approach. We bring tradition to life in ways that help children and families feel connected to Judaism as part of their lives, not a requirement for their lives. We know Judaism looks different in different families – we appreciate this, learn from one another, and celebrate our families' diversity and traditions.

Accessible Judaism: The breadth of our programming allows children with all levels of experience with and interest in Judaism to access the curriculum and make a connection with religion, God, tradition, and Israel in their own way. We never want our students to grumble about having to go to Hebrew School because it is boring or cumbersome. Rather, we want religious school to help our students develop a love for Judaism in a way that resonates for them.

• Beyond Hebrew and Holidays: We view the cultural and tradition aspects of Judaism as central to religious education and integrate tzedekah/tikkun olam (community service/giving back), family programming, and, importantly, socialization into our religious school curriculum. We view getting beyond the classroom and into the community, as well as going on field trips and Shabbaton retreats as being as valuable as developing comfort with services and the sanctuary.

Options for Varying Interests: Electives are a core part of the Shaare Torah religious school, allowing children to learn about areas of Jewish culture of interest to them.

Flexible Scheduling: We know today’s kids are busy and families have complicated schedules. Between school commitments, sports, and other extra-curricular activities, it can feel overwhelming to fit it all in. We don’t think religious school should ever feel like a burden. That’s why we offer four mid-week scheduling options for 2-7 graders. And we strive to make our programming manageable for today’s busy families without sacrificing quality or interestingness.

Special Needs Programming: Shaare Torah is proud to offer a dedicated program for children with learning differences. Our Matan program is a hands-on, multi-sensory educational experience that promotes engagement with children’s Jewish identity.



Sat, August 15 2020 25 Av 5780