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Our Mission and 2020 Vision

In 2011 the synagogue undertook a strategic planning initiative named "Shaare Torah 2020". The goal behind this project was to engage all of our community members at the time with helping create guidelines which would guide us into 2020 and beyond. We have used these goals and metrics as a way to hold ourselves accountable and innovate what synagogue life could look like for the past ten years.  

Our Vision:  A transformative Jewish community that connects every participant to each other, the Jewish people, Jewish tradition, humanity, and God.

Mission:  To transform synagogue life based on our congregation’s:

Core Values:

  • Kehilah/Community
  • Masoret/Tradition
  • Hesed/Kindness

6 Pillars for Transformation:

  • Connection
  • Empowerment
  • Ownership
  • Vitality
  • Relevance
  • Experience

Aspirations For:

Joy, spirituality, intimacy, belonging, inclusiveness, engagement, inspiration, transcendence, spirit, amazement, awe, pride, warmth, love, care, creativity, dynamism

8 Initiatives to Transform Synagogue Life

  1. Evolve the religious school into a new set of educational experiences for children and families
  2. Develop and implement meaningful experiences
  3. Re-design the b’nai mitzvah experience
  4. Develop dynamic Shabbat experiences that create ruah (spirit) and build community
  5. Make synagogue life as accessible as possible
  6. Empower teens
  7. Form partnerships to deliver high quality programs
  8. Create a caring community


16 Elements for 2020 Success

  1. Outstanding Facility:  Plan, fund, and implement facility improvements (e.g. art, kitchen renovation, gaga pit, improved playground, sukkah platform)
  2. Financial Sustainability:  Required so we can fund new programs and take risks.  A key element will be to design and conduct a “2020 Campaign of Transformation” fundraising appeal
  3. Funding for innovative programs to achieve our transformation
  4. Facility improvements
  5. Reserve funding (operations, facilities)
  6. Endowment and planned giving
  7. Stabilize and Grow Preschool Program:  Implement full day option and marketing plan to ensure vitality of the preschool program
  8. Strong Lay Leadership:  Develop a vital culture of volunteerism and lay leadership
  9. USCJ Sulam programs
  10. Develop systematic leadership recruitment and training
  11. Examine lay governance structure, defining role of officers, board of trustees, and committees
  12. Outstanding Staff
  13. Support professional development
  14. Develop system for staff supervision and evaluation
  15. Examine staff structure to grow capacity
  16. Communication and Marketing:  Develop and implement a comprehensive plan to reach out to the broader community about our accomplishments and outstanding community
Sat, August 15 2020 25 Av 5780