Why STK?

Hear from Our Children & Parents:

“Shaare Torah Kindergarten (STK) provided our son an amazing foundation in so many ways. In the small class size, he was able to receive individualized instruction at his instructional level to help him solidify the basics and extend his learning. STK provided multiple modalities of learning (worksheets, technology based, hands-on, collaborative, etc.) that allowed our son to explore his interests while still learning the state standards. STK provided a safe environment (physically and emotionally) during the covid pandemic while still focusing on academic and social development.”
– Dana and Gary Feldman

“STK provided a safe, warm, and nurturing environment during a time when our daughter, Mia, needed school the most. She grew so much as a learner and an individual. It was the best decision we made as parents. She was truly happy and engaged in learning and play each and every day at STK. Thank you to the wonderful staff and teachers! We are forever grateful for the experience you have gifted us.”
– Danielle Welsh

“Enrolling our daughter in STK was definitely the best choice we could have made for her Kindergarten experience.  The program was well organized.  She looked forward to going to school each day.  Her teacher and the staff were all amazing and kind.  She was sad when her school year ended.  She finished the year well above grade level in both math and reading.  We are extremely grateful to STK and wholeheartedly recommend it as a wonderful Kindergarten.”
– Andy Poulos

“STK was an unbelievably bright spot for our family during Covid: in-person kindergarten in a warm, fun, nurturing environment that fostered a sense of curiosity, love of learning, and kindness in our son. Global pandemic or not, STK is an amazing kindergarten experience. Small group classes create lots of individualized attention and set these kids up for lifelong academic and social success. We couldn’t recommend it more highly!”
– Jodie Fishman

“The Shaare Torah Kindergarten is an exceptional program directed by outstanding staff and teachers who work hard to provide an educational and social experience for your child.  With its small class size, my child received attention and encouragement throughout her school day.  One of my child’s favorite activities that the STK teacher created was having each child set up their own store with pretend items, then allowing each child to sell their items and buy from the other students with pretend money.  My child loved this activity during the segment on counting money.  While the STK curriculum includes the basic fundamentals of kindergarten, it goes a step further by teaching kindness, community, and creative thought.  My child concluded her year at Shaare Torah Kindergarten with knowledge, confidence, and new friendships.  As a parent, I am so grateful to Shaare Torah for giving my daughter a fantastic kindergarten experience.”
– Betsey Poulos

“The decision to enroll our son in Shaare Torah Kindergarten was, hands down, one of the best we’ve ever made. Our child thrived in the small classroom environment with significant one-on-one time with his teacher. While he received all of the basics of a Kindergarten curriculum, it was the “above and beyond” education that made his experience so special. His teacher was really able to tune in to his special talents and needs, and tailor his learning accordingly. The small class size also enabled him to practice his social-emotional skills in manageable, meaningful ways. We were so sorry to see the year end, but we feel confident that our son is more than ready for first grade and beyond.”
– Tara Lang

“I loved STK because I loved all the projects and seeing all my friends everyday. STK is really fun and I think you should try it!”
– Nathan, STK Grad, Class of 2021

Why Private Kindergarten?

Private Kindergarten can provide a smooth transition from a preschool environment to your child’s next school environment. During the 2021-2022 school year specifically, private Kindergarten can help level the playing field post-COVID with students coming from different settings – in-person preschool, Zoom preschool, or staying home. The Kindergarten year is a year when so many things click for young learners at different times and private Kindergarten provides individualized pacing and support for each unique student.