How do I communicate to MCPS that my child is doing private kindergarten?

We will provide you with an enrollment letter. You send it to your home elementary school’s attendance secretary. That’s it.

Is this a good program if I want to give my child and extra year and send them to public kindergarten the following school year?

STK is structured as children’s kindergarten year. It is intended for children going into 1st grade the following school year. STK is not a transitional kindergarten (TK), junior kindergarten, K-5, or Pre-K-5 program.

What are your COVID-19 protocols?

We have been reopened in-person since August 31, 2020. We have an extensive COVID-19 health and safety plan. Our children and teachers stay very safe while still learning and playing together just as we did pre-COVID-19. We have not have a single case of COVID-19 among our children, teachers, or staff. Allison would be happy to discuss our COVID-19 protocols with you in detail.