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Hametz Sale Form 5780-2020

I hereby authorize Rabbi Steve Glazer to dispose of, through its sale, all Hametz- whether food or drink, the hametz that adheres to the utensils, containers, or clothing, all animals that feed on hametz, any any hametz I own or which I am reponsible - whether it may be at my home(s), place of business, or elsewhere, in accordance with Jewish Law. 

Hametz will be sold as of 10:00 AM on Wednesday, April 8. Ownership may be restored by 8:00 PM on Thursday, April 16.

Please fill out the information below.  Thank you, and every wish to you for a hag kasher v'sameah -- a Happy and Kosher Passover!
"All who are hungry, let them enter and eat. All who are in need, let them come and celebrate Pesach."- From the Haggadah.

Help Shaare Torah help others. There is an ancient custom to collect funds before Pesach to help those in need. Please help us take on this important responsibility by making an optional donation to fulfill the mitzvah of "Ma'ot Hittim," feeding the hungry. Donations will be forwarded to “Mazon—the Jewish Response to Hunger” and other agencies providing Passover food or hunger relief. 
I/We hereby authorize Rabbi Steve Glazer to sell my/our hametz before Passover, 5780 (2020), according to Jewish law.
Mon, April 6 2020 12 Nisan 5780