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STECC 2020-2021 School Year

STECC 2020-2021 Calendar

Re-enrollment for the 2020-2021 School Year
(In-Person and Slot Hold/Zoom School)

Re-enrollment for Attending STECC In Person
If you intend to send your child back to school on August 31st, you’ll need to re-enroll, submit all paperwork, and the $250 registration fee (if you hadn’t already) by July 15th.  The first monthly tuition payment will process on July 15th.  These commitments will allow us to determine our staffing needs.

Based on the current operating regulations, we will start the school year with limited schedule options.  We will offer our half-day and full-day options, but not complete day at this time.  If your family needs full-day care and the 8:30am-4:30pm time frame does not work for you, please be in touch with Allison.  If we have consensus among full-day families, we may be able to shift the time.

If you would like to enroll for August 31st, please complete all of the following enrollment paperwork and submit it by July 15th.  No exceptions will be made.  Please be in touch with Allison in advance of July 15th if you intend to enroll but need an extension.

The following state-required forms are due by August 15th.  No exceptions will be made.  The health inventory does require your child's doctor to complete it, which means that your child's annual physical and vaccinations must be current.  In some situations, the emergency form also requires the doctor's signature.  Please give yourself ample time to get these forms from the doctor's office.  Your child will not be able to begin school until these forms are submitted in advance and reviewed by STECC administration.  We will be checking that all vaccinations are up-to-date.

Due to the current global pandemic, we are instituting a COVID-19 health and safety surcharge that will cover our increased costs for PPE, cleaning supplies, janitorial services, extra teacher hours for sanitizing, and other costs associated with keeping our school as clean and sanitary as possible.  We are not raising base tuition and hope to remove this surcharge as soon as we are able to balance our costs or receive grant funding to cover those costs.  The surcharge is $150/month for 5-day students and $90/month for 3-day students.

Hold In-Person Slot and Participate in Zoom School
We are also offering an option for families who are not ready to return to school yet but would like to hold their slot for later in the year.  You can pay a special monthly tuition and participate in daily Zoom classes.  We have one of our STECC teachers as a dedicated Zoom school teacher.  She's teaching from one of our classrooms onsite.  We're providing each student with a large kit of all materials needed for all classes, including Handwriting Without Tears materials.  The classes will be in the morning block of time (9:30am-12pm).  Daily morning meeting 9:30-9:45am and daily closing meeting 11:45am-12pm.  There are 3 course blocks each day:  9:45-10:15am, 10:30-11am, and 11:15-11:45am.  Special weekly experiences include Havdalah on Mondays, Shabbat Sing on Fridays, movement class with our movement teacher Morah Janice, Hebrew class with our shlichah Morah Rotem.  Other subjects could include Handwriting Without Tears, STEM challenge, representational drawing, story construction, loose parts activity, building with LEGO/blocks, activity with puzzles/patterns/sorting, art activity, game with numbers/counting/math, group discussion/weekly reflection.

Scholarships Available
We understand that many families have experienced financial injury as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The State of Maryland and Montgomery County have scholarships available to cover child care tuition.  If your family is approved, you will be given a voucher for a large portion of your tuition and a set amount to pay for your co-pay.  STECC had our application accepted to participate in these programs on February 26th, and we are excited to offer this new form of assistance to our families.

The Maryland Child Care Scholarship (CCS) has a lower income limit.  The Montgomery County Working Parent Assistance Program (WPA) has a higher income limit.  First check if your family qualifies for CCS.  If not, then check if you qualify for WPA.

Thank you in advance for checking if your family qualifies, and applying if you do.  We hope these scholarship programs enable your family to return to school with any needed financial support to cover tuition.  Receiving scholarship voucher payments will help our school to remain financially viable and keep our teachers employed.  One major benefit of these programs is that they will continue paying our school tuition even in the event of an extended closure due to COVID-19, which could be an important source of revenue for our school during the upcoming school year.

Parent Information about Health & Safety Protocols
Here is the recording and the slide deck from our parent information session on July 8th about our new health and safety protocols.

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