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The Shaare Torah Religious School curriculum builds year after year to help students reach bar/bat mitzvah, as well as helps develop a connection with Judaism so as to want to continue their studies and involvement in the community post-bar/bat mitzvah. For complete details on our Hebrew/T'filah (Prayer) curriculum please click the links for each grade or here.

One way which the Shaare Torah Religious School is unique is that aside from traditional group classes and small Hebrew groups, we offer elective choices for our students to learn cultural aspects of Jewish life in an engaging hands-on setting. To see sample descriptions of past elective courses, please click here. 

Kindergarten & 1st Grade: The Kindergarten and 1st Grade curricula emphasizes enjoyment of Jewish life through Torah, Holidays, Israel, God, T'filah (Prayer), and Hebrew. Children explore the Torah stories, Jewish holidays as they occur, Shabbat and Havdallah, Mitzvot and Ethics. Our Hebrew program involves learning the Hebrew letters and vowels. 

2nd Grade: 2nd Grade students do a deep dive on Israel and Hebrew.  We use the All Around Learning program to teach modern, conversational, spoken Hebrew.  This program was developed by a local educator who is a native Hebrew speaker and an MCPS reading specialist.

Grade 2 Hebrew-T’filah (Prayer): Students learn simple prayers of the liturgy including brachot (blessings) for food and for the holidays. They learn what the prayers mean in English and how they connect to each of us.


Grades 3-6 Judaic Studies:  We use ShalomLearning's engaging, interactive, values-based curriculum.  ShalomLearning is a Jewish educational organization that creates a dynamic multimedia Judaic Studies curriculum centered around core Jewish values for grades 3-7.  ShalomLearning partners with 150 religious schools nationwide (like STRS!) to make Jewish education more engaging and relevant for their students.  You can view a detailed overview of the curriculum by grade and subject here.

Grade 3 T'filah (Prayer): Students begin the foundational year of T'filah (Prayer) study. They work 
on the prayers of the Friday evening service and Shabbat at Home. 

Grade 4 T’filah (Prayer): Students will learn a basic prayer vocabulary connected to the Friday Evening Erev Shabbat Service and will learn to understand, in English, the core prayers of this service and the choreography of the service.

Grade 5 T’filah (Prayer):  Students study the Saturday morning Shabbat Service from Barchu to Amidah, learning basic vocabulary words from each prayer to facilitate understanding each prayer in English. The class emphasizes prayer as a builder of community for the Jewish people. 

Grade 6 T'filah (Prayer):  Students will learn the first part of the Torah service and Ashrei, including the service for taking out the Torah and Torah blessings.

Grade 7 Judaic Studies: 7th Grade students will study the Holocaust in a sensitive and thoughtful way.  A historical context will frame the study.  Students will hear from a Holocaust survivor and children of survivors.  Students will read Night and visit the United States Holocauset Museum.  The 7th Grade class will work with the Shaare Torah Men's Club to plan the annual Yom HaShoah observance.

Grade 7 T'filah (Prayer): Students will learn the second part of the Torah service and Musaf, including the Haftarah blessings and the service for putting away the Torah.

Grade 7 Unique Experiential Program: As part of our final goal of Religious School, we aim to help all our students find the ways that they personally connect to Jewish life. Please click here for complete details on this unique program.

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